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Béria: 'This slap in the face should serve as a lesson'

Just minutes after their heavy loss away to Bayern Munich in the UEFA Champions League, the LOSC players were realistic about their performance and the gulf that separated the two sides on the pitch at the Allianz Arena. Les Lillois know they must bounce back this Saturday against Brest in Ligue 1...


Rudi Garcia (LOSC coach)

"The first half was a nightmare, even if we accept that they are more than one level up on us in the European hierarchy. We certainly weren't proud of copping a hiding like that when we came off at half time. We didn't do a whole lot in that first half compete. They may have had a little luck, but they also had a whole lot of talent. At least we didn't throw in the towel after the break and we rebalanced the team and Salomon got that consolation goal. But it was still a very, very heavy defeat."

"We wanted to show audacity and panache, everything that Bayern showed this evening. We gave the impression of a youth team taking on an experienced pro side. We have to digest this performance quickly and win against Brest. From a physical point of view, playing this weekend is not a good thing, but from a psychological point of view, it is. Let's compartmentalise each competition. We have two European matches left to show that we are a better side than what we've shown so far and then in Ligue 1, we have to keep going because we are playing well there at the moment."

Franck Ribéry (FC Bayern Munich winger)

"I feel bad for Lille because I know most of the players. I went to have a word to them afterwards, even though I'm sure they will get over it. As for us, we hope to play as well against Frankfurt this weekend. We were very focused and wanted to win at all costs and pocket the three points. We did that by playing very high up the pitch, putting the pressure on from the start and opening the scoring early. Everything we had planned came off tonight. My booking? The referee hadn't blown two or three fouls on me and I was getting a bit angry and the coach did well to take me off."

Franck Béria (LOSC defender)

"We saw the difference tonight between a team that made the Champions League final in two of the last three years and us. There's nothing more to say. They were just too good. Physically they are incredible, the technique is impeccable and they tore us apart with their movement. Franck Ribéry, who I knew when we were at Metz, was amazing. We aren't going to let everything unravel. We aim to keep playing well in Ligue 1. We were outplayed, there's no other way to look at it. I ask all my teammates to lift their heads immediately. This slap in the face should serve as a lesson for the future."

Florent Balmont (LOSC midfielder)

"We got a real reality check tonight. There was a world between Bayern and us. They were so fast and we conceded two very early goals. They are much stronger than us, there aren't even any excuses, we're just not boxing in the same category. It hurts even more because we really weren't expecting something like this. We came here wanting to play football, but when you don't have the ball, you can't do that. We have to try and bounce back as of Saturday, but it will be hard. There wasn't a word in the changing room, especially at half time and 5-0 down. We'll see on Saturday if we can rebound from such a defeat. Hats off to Bayern, they were